Our APIs

At Limelight Health we believe the data you create and use on a daily basis should be easily available to you and the other systems you use to accelerate your business.  This is why our entire platform is built on top of an open API structure that allows for the use of RESTful APIs to quickly integrate with multiple systems, create powerful custom workflows and automate redundant tasks. Our API architecture allows for pushing and pulling data into the system as well as subscribing to events so you can take action in real-time during any point in the quoting process.

Our platform can easily become your integration playground for connecting your systems together:




Benefits Administration

Our APIs allow you to trigger activities in one of your app/systems (ie. Creating Quotes and Proposals in Limelight) and automatically perform an action in another one of your app/systems (ie. Sending to Your CRM)

You can trigger actions on the following:





Request for Proposals (RFPs)