Dreamforce 2017: Limelight Health and Deloitte win the Broker Bolt Award

Last week, we attended Dreamforce the world’s largest technology conference in San Francisco for the first time.  Limelight Health Co-founder Garrett Viggers, joined Deloitte’s Brian Cusik, to showcase how Deloitte is using the Limelight Health Employee Benefits Quoting Platform to seamlessly quote employee benefits, increase efficiencies and drive faster Q4 enrollments and renewals. We gave live demos with Deloitte Digital and presented the integration to show attendees the potential power of our platform.

Deloitte is leading the industry with innovative solutions for their clients, specifically integration for large scale system modernization projects. Using Limelight Health’s Quote-to-Enroll technology, Deloitte is driving digital innovation within employee benefits to empower their brokers with a technology solution.  This creates a simple, efficient, and enjoyable process for brokers and allows employers to make better, faster decisions.

During the Dreamforce conference, Limelight Health and Deloitte conducted deep dive sessions, showing how companies, including insurance carriers, PEOs, payroll companies, national brokers, and enrollment exchanges can use the Limelight Health Employee Benefits Quoting Platform to integrate their internal systems to one connected platform.

Through this integration and showcase we were awarded by Salesforce with the Best Bolt in the Financial Services category award with Deloitte for our integration connecting Salesforce CRM to Deloitte’s internal Broker Bolt system.  We are honored to receive the recognition for our stellar partnership and team that made this all possible.

Together, Limelight Health + Deloitte are transforming the quoting experience and the industry is taking note!

See our pictures from the event here