How can we help? Limelight Health team finds ways to give during times of need.

The last few months have been heart-wrenching as we’ve seen disaster strike via the earthquake in Mexico, hurricanes in Houston and Puerto Rico, the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, and recently, the fires in the North Bay Area – Santa Rosa and Sonoma County areas.  We have employees, friends, family that have been impacted in some ways by these events.  Our Limelight Health team is always looking for how we can help.  People come first; it’s part of our company DNA to bring light to dark times and help our communities when they need us most.

“We have an incredibly passionate team that values changing lives and giving back just as much as they value how we can change the world with technology. People always come first, and we encourage our team to continue the good they do for our local communities, as often as possible.” – Jason, Limelight Health Co-founder & CEO

Here are some of the good things our Limelight team has been doing recently.

Courtney Schindelar – HR/Office Manager 

Courtney, a regular volunteer with The Milo Foundation, helped with the rescue effort to help displaced pets and animals during Hurricane Harvey in Houston.  Living in the North Bay, Point Reyes area, close to the fires, Courtney spent last week working with the Milo Foundation to evacuate the animals they were taking care of in their Willits Sanctuary when the fire and smoke crept closer.  This past weekend in Santa Rosa, Courtney personally spent time volunteering at the local high school and Sonoma Fairgrounds which had set up temporary shelters for residents.  “I went from cot to cot asking what I could bring for them to make their stay more comfortable. The courage and love each person had is just unbelievable, they either had lost everything or were waiting to hear if their home was still standing and in some cases this was their second evacuation.”

Jessica Clayton – Product Manager 

Chef Dominique Crenn, founder of San Francisco’s Petite Crenn, put out the call on social media to gather volunteers to make sandwiches for North Bay fire victims and first responders. Jessica immediately joined 100 fellow San Francisco friends and neighbors to help out.  “The restaurant is about a fifteen minute walk from our Limelight Health office.  When I got there, about 80-100 people were making sandwiches. People were turned away due to too much help!  I ended up at a wrapping station with other people to wrap the sandwiches up. Once in paper, then again in plastic wrap to secure freshness.  People kept saying “power to the people” and shouting it out while building about 1,500 sandwiches to take up to Sonoma County.”

Mauro Parra-Miranda – Software Engineer 

Mauro is our Limelight Health team member living and working in Mexico City.  When the earthquake struck Mexico, he immediately worked to gather donations to directly help people in the city that needed medicine, diapers, food, and water.  We partnered with Mauro to company-match donations of up to $1K, to support relief efforts.  Read his first person account about how the Limelight Health family helped Mexico City after the earthquake, here.
“I’m super grateful of what my colleagues have done with their help. I’m so happy to be in this company and so happy that I’m able to walk and get stuff for others.”

If you would like to lend much needed financial support to organizations helping people in the North Bay, click on the following links:

Milo Foundation- Make a tax deductible donation and designate your donation towards the “Fire Evacuation Fund,” and your donation will directly support our efforts at the Sanctuary and to help with animals displaced by the fires.

Other local funds created to support fire evacuees where you can make donations are:

Sonoma County Resilience Fund | Community Foundation Sonoma County

North Bay Fire Relief | Redwood Credit Union