Insuretech Connect: Recap

There are supposed to be plenty of words flowing when you are getting ready for an industry tech conference.  Perfecting that startup pitch, getting ready for the speed-style networking meetings, setting up your tweet schedules, or preparing to show off your game changing technology.  There’s a buzz that builds as you arrive and step into the hotel lobby or conference room exhibit hall.  An energy fills the room and all you can hear are millions and millions of words from every corner of the room.  Laughing, introductory, eager, passionate words.  Instead, today, as we set off for Las Vegas and the Insurtech Connect conference that was scheduled there, we had no words.  No words that could do justice to explain the unexplainable.  No words that can make right what’s wrong today in the world.  No words that seem to matter when so many innocent lives were silenced.  Our unassuming insuretech community suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a national tragedy; the largest mass shooting in U.S history.

When the unthinkable happens and we’re reminded of the frailty of life and all the people and things that matter most to us, our perception is shifted, sharpened.  We have a sense of urgency that our time is short and we want our impact to be great.  We journey on together to continue innovating to improve the lives of American workers and their families through insurance and this next wave we call insuretech.

As the Limelight Health team arrived in Vegas on Monday, we spent time together reflecting and having conversations with people we met along the way to wherever we were headed.  As our cab driver reminded us, as we were headed to a vigil service, if you want to see any change you have to act and pray at the same time.  As we start the week, finding our words again and continuing on with what brought us here, we remember our call to action and how we must find the ways that we can contribute for the good in our world.

Overall, as the two day conference began on Tuesday and Wednesday, Insurtech Connect was a great experience for startups like us.  Limelight Health had a kiosk at on the exhibit floor and we were able to meet with people from all over the U.S. and world, who were interested in the latest technology from startups.  There was a lot of interest on the latest innovations in insuretech and the entire floor was buzzing and very busy.  Lots of large agency brokers interested in how they can maximize time spent on their daily management activities and increase workflow efficiencies.  Eyes were wide with our live QuotePad demos and it was a great experience to connect directly with brokers and carriers that can really benefit from these technologies and innovations.

By Wednesday, life started to happen again, as the city of Vegas began to move from response to recovery.  People were back on the streets and everyone was focused on the strength of returning back to daily life or activities, fearless and hopeful.

By far the biggest takeaway for us and the value of a conference like Insuretech Connect is that the companies with smallest footprint had the biggest spotlight. The exciting new ideas were the hottest thing at ITC2017. A lot of the industry is getting googly eyed over these new companies and wanting to learn all about what technology can do to make life easier in insurance.  If you’re a company within insurance, especially if you are a smaller company seeking to grow your visibility and connections, Insuretech Connect has become an industry must for your event calendar.  We had a great time with all of our business partners, peers, and insuretechfriends.  Look forward to seeing you next year!