Viva Las Vegas! ITC 2018

Earlier this month, we sent a team to represent Limelight and collaborate with partners at InsureTech 2018 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas! InsureTech Connect is the world’s largest insurtech event — offering unparalleled access to the largest and most comprehensive gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry incumbents from across the globe.


The first day, we participated in a pre-conference workshop with Salesforce; Jason was part of a  panel that afternoon called “Quantifying the Value of Digital Transformation” with Jeff To from Salesforce.

We also hosted a booth for the first time at the event. Our goal was to create a booth experience that visitors would challenge their colleagues in a basketball game where they would have 15 seconds to crumple up a piece of paper and shoot it into trash cans while sitting in a computer chair. Easy right? Not so much. The act of crumpling the paper has to be done effectively or the air would catch the obscure edges and send the paper basketballs sailing to the left or right without scoring points. So why a basketball game if we are a SaaS platform for employee benefits? Our theme was “From paper to digital” and we want our customers to throw away the manual processes and mass amounts of paper used in their current workflow and cross the bridge to a digital workflow that makes their life more enjoyable on a day to day basis. The paper they were crumpling up was covered in some eye opening stats detailing the amount of time and paper used to quote employee benefits using today’s legacy systems. It was easy to hear us from a far as the sound of whistles starting and ending each 15 second round and laughter filled our booth all day.

(download infographic)

One of the highlights of this event was the experience of team building. We had a team of 7 attending: Jason Andrew, Bob Gaydos, Garrett Viggers, Alan Leard, Michael Kuelpman, Young Han and Justin Gentile.  We spent a great time together, which is important to the values of our culture and something we are looking for in people who are interested in growing with us. We enjoyed dinners together, mastered an escape room, and collaborated and brainstormed ways to continue to propel Limelight forward and share our vision of a digital tomorrow.


On the last day, Jason did an interview and video called Innovator’s Edge: powered by Insurance Thought Leadership. You can see the full interview here:

Our key takeaways from this event echo what we’ve seen in so many ways in 2018:




We had numerous productive meetings and made new connections as well. We appreciated our conversations with Ernst & Young, R/GA, RGAX, and many others, and look forward to building new partnerships moving into the new year.

Special thanks go out to Jay Weintraub and Samara Jaffe of Insurtech Connect for putting together an amazing event and inviting Limelight to be a part of it!