Limelight Health @ Hack Healthcare!

This past weekend, our Limelight Health Dev/Ops team participated in the Health 2.0 healthcare hackathon at Google Launchpad in San Francisco.  The three day event brought together a wide range of engineers, developers, clinicians, business/marketing professionals from inside and outside of healthcare to provide data, API’s, and tools to hack around.  Ten teams worked together to come up with ideas to use technology to solve real world problems focused on provider availability and access to care.  The goal was to use the APIs and build something new.

The Limelight Health Team ‘Sleeper Agents’ worked with the Better Doctor API, creating a solve for easily finding out whether or not your doctor is in your health plan network – a problem that without a technology solution, involves a lot of time and effort spent researching and calling around to different doctors and health plan carriers.

Taking the provider information from the Better Doctor provider platform, we paired it with our QuotePad plan data, building out a solution that would allow people to know, by geo-location what providers are in their network based on the plan they have.  80% of the US gets their benefits from their employers.  We want to use this as a tool for brokers so, as they are meeting with employers, they have a better way to know if their employees are going to be able to use their favorite doctor or care provider, based on the health plan they use.

It was a winning combination as our Limelight team won “Best usage of Better Doctor API’s”.  Overall, the event was innovative in bringing together and providing cross-collaboration across many different professional functions and expertise to learn and create!