Plug and Play Event: Innovators Interviews With Jason T. Andrew & Bharat Rajaram, Managing Director of Aflac Ventures

Week 5: Bharat Rajaram, Managing Director of Aflac Ventures

Aflac’s duck is one of the most brilliant branding successes ever. Aflac the company is one of the most well-known brands worldwide. Today, in our fifth in a series of six interviews, we talk with Bharat Rajaram, Managing Director of Aflac Ventures. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with six insurtech innovators and get reflections on their journey in the insurtech ecosystem. What I like about these six is the breadth of perspective that they offer.

These interviews are an opportunity to sit at the feet of a group of innovators including a corporate venture fund, a founder who raised over $70M and then was acquired, a long-time industry veteran broker who is now building a startup, another seasoned C-level insurance executive who is now an analyst and brings other C-level insurance executives to Silicon Valley to learn about innovation.

If you follow us along this six-part journey, you will gain tremendous insights into the challenges of raising money, integrating with an enterprise insurance carrier, what it’s like to get acquired and assimilate a startup into a larger organization, how corporate VCs think about investing and what it really takes to get your startup off the ground.

I have had the privilege of working with Bharat over the past few years as Aflac Ventures invested in both our B and C round. If you are looking to hear the view of a corporate venture firm, you’ll want to watch this interview.

Join us next Thursday to hear our final interview from the Plug N Play event:
Robert McIsaac, EVP of Novarica. Robert has decades of experience as a CIO at insurance carriers. He now is an executive at an analyst firm that helps startups and carriers connect around digital transformation. He also leads a “Silicon Valley tour” where he brings 20-40 insurance CIOs to learn about innovation, and he has a wealth of insight around what is taking place in the insurtech community.

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