Plug and Play Event: Innovators Interviews With Jason T. Andrew & Greg Yoder, Head of Business Development at Sureify

Week 4: Greg Yoder, Head of Business Development at Sureify

This is the fourth in a series of six interviews. If you are just getting caught up, I had the opportunity to sit down with six insurtech innovators and get reflections on their journey in the insurtech ecosystem.

These interviews are an opportunity to sit at the feet of a group of innovators including a corporate venture fund, a founder who raised nearly $60M and then was acquired, a long-time industry veteran broker who is now building a startup, another seasoned C-level insurance executive who is now an analyst and brings other C-level insurance executives to Silicon Valley to learn about innovation.

If you are following us along this six-part journey, you will gain tremendous insights into the challenges of raising money, integrating with an enterprise insurance carrier, what it’s like to get acquired and assimilate a startup into a larger organization, how corporate VCs think about investing and what it really takes to get your startup off the ground.

Today we hear from Greg Yoder, Head of Business Development at Sureify. Greg and I have known each other for around 15 years, and we swam in the same brokerage circles in Silicon Valley. Greg is pretty prolific in the industry; I was even in a restaurant in New York and noticed Greg’s picture was on the wall. After a successful career, he retired; but then he decided to come back to help scale a startup in #insurtech. How inspiring is that? What I love about Greg is his depth and breadth of knowledge, and his unique perspective.

Join us over the next 2 Thursdays to hear from:

Bharat Rajaram, Managing Director of Aflac Ventures. Just a couple of years ago, Aflac, one of the largest and most well-known insurance carriers on the globe started a $100M investment fund. Bharat has been leading the charge and has looked at hundreds of startups.

Robert McIsaac, EVP of Novarica. Robert has decades of experience as a CIO at insurance carriers. He now is an executive at an analyst firm that helps startups and carriers connect around digital transformation. He also leads a “Silicon Valley tour” where he brings 20-40 insurance CIOs to learn about innovation, and he has a wealth of insight around what is taking place in the insurtech ecosystem.

Until next time.