Plug and Play Event: Innovators Interviews with Jason T. Andrew & Ali Safavi, Head of Venture Investments and Insurance, Plug and Play

Week 1: Ali Safavi, Head of Venture Investments and Insurance, Plug and Play

I recently had the opportunity to join the Employee Benefits Reimagined event at Plug & Play in their Sunnyvale headquarters. Today we begin the first of our six-part series of interviews with some key innovators. I am excited about all the interviews, and this one is the perfect way to kick off the series. We are big fans of Plug & Play and their team; they are investors in our B round and they have been a tremendous partner and have helped us make many valuable connections.

I had the chance to sit down with Ali Safavi, who is head of venture investments and insurance at Plug & Play and built their program from the ground up.

When we joined their second batch of Insurtech startups in early 2017, Plug & Play was just getting into the insurance space. Fast forward two years, and their footprint and influence in the Insurtech community has become substantive.

Ali is passionate, fun to be around and always thinking about how he can help make a meaningful connection. I hope you enjoy this brief 5-minute discussion as much as I did.

Join us over the next 5 weeks to hear more interviews with:

Vinay Gidwaney, CTO & Co-Founder at Maxwell Health, who helped raise nearly $70M and got acquired by Sun Life.

Jane Wang, CEO & Co-Founder of Optimity, who has an amazing personal story about why she started this company and is doing her part to improve the industry.

Greg Yoder, Head of Business Development of Insurify, an industry veteran who retired from a very successful career in the brokerage industry only to restart as a tech pioneer.

Bharat Rajaram, Managing Director of Aflac Ventures. Just a couple years ago, Aflac, one of the largest and most well-known insurance carriers on the globe, started a $100M investment fund. Bharat has been leading the charge and has looked at hundreds of startups.

Robert McIsaac, EVP of Novarica. Robert has decades of experience as a CIO at insurance carriers. He now is an executive at an analyst firm that helps startups and carriers connect around digital transformation. He also leads a “Silicon Valley tour” where he brings 20-40 insurance CIOs to learn about innovation, and has a wealth of insight around what is taking place in the insurtech ecosystem.