The Elephant In The Room – How Insurtech is Transforming the Insurance Industry

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This idea resonated with me during the recent Fall Insurance Disrupted conference, hosted by Silicon Valley Innovation Center.  The first conference of it’s kind, specifically focused on the insurance industry and the fast changes that are happening, it brings together leaders and innovators to connect and share insights and strategies.  I’ve been to many events over the years, but this one stood out as particularly relevant, bringing together all of the current industry players and dynamically representing exactly where the insurance industry is at today and how it’s transforming.

Check out the short video recap (link here) from the Fall Insurance Disrupted, where Limelight Health was honored to receive first place in the Startup Showcase.  I also recently was able to chat with Natalie Wood, SVIA-Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator to speak more in depth about what we are doing at Limelight Health, in the insurtech space.  See the video interview here.

At Limelight Health, we are focused on transforming the backend of insurance systems and processes, by connecting workflow via a streamlined, visually designed platform, which lowers redundancies and increases productivity in the business activities that matter: interfacing and engaging more with your clients to build quality insurance and employee benefits strategies.

The insurance industry is not a fast moving industry.  Changing the way we do business every day is a huge project to tackle.  It really will be many small ‘bites’ or changes that lead to industry disruption, or as I like to call it, transformation. There are lots of good changes happening, going in the right direction, as a result of better technology and support from legislation and key insurance companies.

We work together to make some of the most important decisions with large downstream impact……I’m excited to attend the upcoming Insurance Disrupted conference, next week, to explore how we can more closely connect with our customers and partners, personally and digitally.  For all those in the insurance space, looking for the main event to connect and hear about the latest happenings, I encourage you to attend—-looking forward to seeing you there!