Weekdays with Bernie: BerniePortal Trade Show 2018 Recap

On March 26-28, Limelight Health took Music City by storm at the Weekdays with Bernie BerniePortal Users Conference in Nashville, Tennessee! BerniePortal is a benefits administration platform & HR software that makes onboarding, 1095-C reporting, & payroll integrations easier for small & medium employers. Their first-ever user conference brought together hundreds of benefits leaders in downtown Nashville for best-in-class learning opportunities, networking and agency development, and of course, no trip to Nashville would be complete without some live music– featuring our very own Garrett Viggers!

The conference got off to a hot start with hyper sales growth expert Jack Daly, who has grown six businesses into multi-million enterprises and shared some of his secrets for success with our audience. He emphasized the importance of being driven by passion and having a playbook to drive sales to new heights. Breakout and deep dive sessions followed, and Garrett Viggers joined Jason Silverman from BenefitsGuide and Matt Kirk from Benecon on a panel to discuss the challenges of fighting the unwieldy and antiquated manual processes in employee benefits by implementing new technologies. “In order to change our quoting process, we have to villainize the manual copy/paste workflow,” said Garrett. In keeping with how things are done in Nashville, Garrett put his vision into song and performed “Eye of the Tiger” for the entire conference, to inspire attendees to fight back against the old ways and embrace the wealth of new tech available to the industry.

See Garrett’s performance here:

See photos from the conference here:

Overall, we had a fantastic time with the BerniePortal gang and we are excited to discover new and potential partnerships with BerniePortal users. Thank you BerniePortal!