How to Navigate Digital Transformation Using Legacy and Modern Systems

How to Navigate Digital Transformation Using Legacy and Modern Systems

In this GroupTech Talks podcast episode co-founder Garrett Viggers first unpacks the “why” behind the podcast to set the stage for an authentic conversation with long-time group industry CIO/CTO veteran, Ray Law. They discuss the challenges, complexities and opportunities found in moving from legacy to modern in the group carrier ecosystem. Garrett also shares a story and a song written about the opportunity for the group insurance industry to influence the customer experience as well as the carrier talent’s experience.

In this podcast they discuss the following:

  • Did you have a childhood dream to serve in the group industry?
  • What are you most passionate about in the group industry?
  • How did legacy systems “pave the way” for the future standards and technology?
  • The legacy innovation of historic coding languages, like Cobol, Visual Basic, and Fortran
  • The foundation that legacy systems and coding languages laid in the group industry to pave the way for future
  • What is the oldest legacy system they have seen in the group industry?
  • Music Break by Garrett Viggers singing an original lyric on how to best serve group carrier customers when you are drowning in a system built in 1965
  • A War-time story of legacy system implementation
  • What is your decision-making perspective on whether to replace a legacy system with modern or to keep legacy and integrate with modern?
  • What is your perspective on building software internally vs. buying modern SaaS and integrating legacy + modern?
  • How do you navigate in an ecosystem with proprietary legacy systems, legacy vendor systems and new modern cloud-based vendor solutions?

Links referenced:

Digital Trends: The world would fall apart if it weren’t for these ancient programming languages (by: Neil Gladstone)

Novarica: Insurer IT Budgets and Projects: Revisiting 2020 Plans During Pandemic

Ray Law is currently serving as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Innovation Underwriters: The Insurance Collaborative.


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Garrett Viggers, Co-founder and creative force behind the Limelight platform, has worked in the employee benefits industry since 2002, driving product and modern tech innovation from the genesis of Consumer Driven Health to the Affordable Care Act. Garrett presents to many group carriers on the strategic path to insurtech success. He is an innovator in quoting, underwriting, renewal and decision support tools and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the group ecosystem.
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