QuotePad Customer Success Resources

How to Quote, Present, Enroll

QuotePad makes it easy to go from quoting to presenting to selling to enrolling. You will see this quick demo tutorial starting with a new group setup, uploading a census, adding current coverage, creating a quote, creating a proposal, presenting a proposal, selling a proposal, and finishing with sending all the sold proposal data for quick online enrollment setup with EaseCentral.

QuotePad has simple navigation, and makes it really easy to navigate when you are working on a specific group. You will always see the Group Name in the left corner, and you can click on the group name to get back to your Group Home Screen which shows recent quotes and recent proposals.

How to View Carrier Rate Status Updates

QuotePad has a quick display of all carriers and their rate status updates for each state, product line, effective end date, and rate status release notes. This is found under the Tools section.

How to Brand QuotePad with your logo and colors

At Limelight Health, our goal is to put you in the “limelight” so you can be the hero to your clients and prospects. We make it very easy to browse and upload or drop your logo in and automagically pull in your brand colors. You get to pick a Primary and Secondary Color, which will brand the User Interface and the Proposal Output PDF.

How to Create a Group

Creating a group in QuotePad is very simple, first you enter name, zip, county and their SIC Code, and select what lines of coverage you want to quote. Then select if the group currently offers this line of coverage to their employees. Here are a few video tutorials on creating a Group.

How to Upload Your Census Fast

One of the most time-consuming tasks you may be faced with is copying and pasting census data from one file to another standard format provided by your quote engine. We believe you should be able to upload the census data you have without any copying and pasting. QuotePad offers an “Other” Census Type Option you can select and easily map in the columns of census data you need. We are also working hard to auto-map the most popular quote engine census export files, so it’s easy if you want to export our census files from your current quote engine – select the Census Type you are uploading and start quoting in seconds. (ie. HealthConnect, Quotit, BenefitMall, Warner Pacific, etc)

How to add current/renewal coverage

QuotePad is committed to providing efficient decision support data that accurately compares new options against current costs and benefits. These comparisons are often created in a spreadsheet. QuotePad allows you to quickly select current small group medical plans, or build your own custom current plan designs and rates.

How to Create Quotes

We believe you should be able to quickly quote the full market of small group medical plans and have the most competitive plans at your fingertips. This is our Market Snapshot Quote. It allows you to compare any plan in the market with all eligible employees on each plan. Our other option is a Standard Modeling Quote, which allows you to select from a carrier portfolio of plans (including Kaiser Wrap Plans), and model contribution strategies that target a base plan with buy up, buy down options, as well as defined contribution flat dollar, and select employees on different plans, such as 10 employees on the PPO Plan and 5 employees on the HMO Plan.

How to Interact with Saved Quotes in Real-time

At Limelight Health, we are reimagining the quoting and renewal experience with real-time quoting and contribution modeling. This allows you to interact with saved quotes and contribution strategies for a more efficient decision making process.

How to Create a Proposal

We believe you should be able to create an elegant proposal output that includes your brand logo and colors, and is able to communicate your client’s options in a simple and visually appealing way, with access to detailed information as well.

When you are ready to create a proposal, first you can select any saved quotes, second order the flow of quotes in your proposal, third select a recommended quote for each product in your proposal (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life). Recommended Quotes are used to generate Employee Decision Support Worksheets at the end of your Proposal PDF, with a customized page for each employee. You can also set Payroll Deduction Pay Periods. If you select two or more Recommended Quotes (for example one Medical and one Dental) your proposal will also include a Recommended Quotes Summary Page that displays the total, employer and employees cost across multiple lines of coverage. Once your proposal is saved, you can preview the proposal or download the Proposal Package in a zipped folder which also includes each carrier benefit summary PDF. You can also quickly view all quotes on a proposal in real-time if questions come up in a presentation by selecting Proposals inside a group and next to the proposal you presented select the actions dropdown “View All Quotes” or “View Recommended Quotes”.

How to create employee decision support worksheets

Selecting a recommended quote per line of coverage allows you to generate employee decision support worksheets that include a simple cost and benefit comparison from the employee’s current plans, and also provides different enrollment scenarios.

View the Proposal Output (PDF)

Selecting a recommended quote per line of coverage allows you to generate employee decision support worksheets that include a simple cost and benefit comparison from the employee’s current plans, and also provides different enrollment scenarios.

How to send a sold proposal to EaseCentral

See how to select a sold medical proposal and quickly push the sold proposal data over to EaseCentral for a quicker and simpler online enrollment setup experience.